Join Our Monthly Tea Subscription

If you love tea as much as we do, why not sign up for our tea subscription service? Fresh loose leaf tea is delivered straight to your door so that you can enjoy the best quality tea and our unique blends every day. 

The Tea Subscription Service with a Conscience

Imagine never running out of your favorite cup of delicious tea. Gone are the days of picking up your tea at the store. Our unique teas are better than any store-bought tea, thanks to their unique blend of ingredients and social conscience. And now you can order your favorite PhilanthroTea and have it delivered straight to your door every month, so you never have to worry about running out. Our monthly tea subscription means you can enjoy your favorite cup and steep with intention, daily. 

Order Your Tea

Order which tea or teas you’d like to arrive monthly. Our teas weigh three ounces, so make sure you work out how many packets you need for the month.

Get It to Your Door

Your tea subscription will arrive straight to your preferred address every month on a date that suits you. We’ll bill you monthly on the same day, so there are no surprises — only delicious tea. 

Change Any Time

If you change your mind about which of our teas you’d like delivered or even which date you’d like them to arrive, let us know. We’re happy to change your order up to the day we ship it each month. 

Ready to select your favorite PhilanthroTea for your monthly tea subscription?

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