About PhilanthroTea

Want to know more about our philosophy? It’s simple. We create beautifully blended teas that are steeped with intention. Find them all in our tea store online. 

About PhilathroTea

We’re a small friendly team of people who are just as passionate about ensuring we do good as we are about the range of delicious, ethical teas that we stock on our tea store online.  
For us, it’s all about spreading the love. So rather than simply donating to one charity, we partner with a charity for every single variety of tea we create. 
It’s important that we partner with charities that share our values; small, local organizations can do greater good with the donations they receive. 
Just as important to us is the quality of our teas. We carefully select every ingredient from suppliers we trust. Every one of our teas is kosher, organic, and GMO-free. Whether it’s calming chamomile or lavender, soothing peppermint, or invigorating ginger, we use loose leaf teas because they’re better for the environment and taste delicious. We love loose leaf because they help our blends burst with flavor and means that you can taste each ingredient. 
We respect our community of tea drinkers and thank you for making a conscientious choice with your daily cup of tea. If you’d like to hear the latest news about our partners and join the PhilantoTea family, why not sign up for our newsletter.

About Our Partners

Every time you buy from our online tea store, you make the world a little brighter. That’s because, for every single one of our teas sold, we donate 20% to one of our partner charities. And why donate to one charity when you can contribute to four great causes? At PhilanthroTea, we partner with a charity for each one of our blends. We’ve created AnxieTea for Mental Health, PawsitiviTea for our animal welfare charity, EcoTea for our zero waste charity, and KinderTea to help children in our local community. Every one of our charities shares our values of doing good within their local community.