Tea FAQs

Our tea philosophy is simple; we create beautifully blended teas that are steeped with intention. For all other things, our frequently asked questions are a great place to start. 

Tea FAQs for When You Still Have Questions

Some people read their tea leaves when they have questions. But we don’t expect you to do that when it comes to our teas. Take a look at our frequently asked questions below and if you’re still left without an answer, get in touch with our friendly team. 

Can I buy your tea wholesale?

Looking to stock our teas or have them on the menu? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch and find out how you can stock the tea that’s steeped with intention.

What’s your shipping policy?

We’re a small crew of tea lovers, and demand for our delicious teas is often high. We’ll always make sure that we ship your tea within one to two business days of you placing the order, with orders placed over the weekend shipping on Monday. Please be patient and if you need your tea urgently, get in touch, and we’ll do our best to help.

Tell me more about international shipping

We’re based in the USA, so shipping times will vary depending on where you’ve placed your order. And while we think our tea deserves to be drunk worldwide, we, unfortunately, can’t be responsible for any import fees, so please check these with your local provider. 

Why does my tea look different to usual?

Our loose leaf tea is measured and sold by weight (three ounces) which is why some of our blends appear to be fuller. Depending on the ingredients, some blends are denser and will settle deeper into the canisters. Don't worry. All canisters weigh the same!

How much tea should I use per cup? 

Two to three grams of tea or one teaspoon is usually perfect for getting a full-flavored, delicious cup of tea, but you may wish to use more or less, depending on your preference. 

How many cups are in a box of PhilanthroTea?

Our boxes of tea are three ounces, which means you should get around 10 delicious cups of tea per packet. If you’re using one of our steeper spoons, you may be able to use it more than once but remember, your tea will lose its flavor each time.

How long should I steep my tea? 

For our teas with a black tea base, steep your tea for three to five minutes and slightly less for a green tea infusion at three to four minutes. Fruit teas can be steeped longer, depending on how intense you like the flavor, but five minutes is optimum. 

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