Organic Loose Leaf Teas with Social Good at The Heart.

When you shop our loose leaf tea, you steep with intention as we donate 20% of every tea to one of our four partner charities. 

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Organic, Loose Leaf Tea in a Range of Beautiful Flavors

We’re passionate about our tea, so we hand select each one of our ingredients from trusted suppliers. We carefully craft each one of our blends to really mean something. And when we’re confident that our unique blend tastes just right, we partner with a small, local charity. It’s tea that’s steeped with intention and packed with the finest ingredients. 

High-Quality Ingredients

Whether it’s our robust black tea, our fragrant lavender, or soothing chamomile, we are careful to select only the best ingredients. Every ingredient we use is kosher friendly, GMO-free, and organic, so our teas are just as good for you as they are for the world around us. 

Blended for Social Good

Why partner with one charity when you can pick four? We partner with a different charity for every variety of tea. And we choose our partners with care. Every one of them is a small local charity that can do the most good with every one of your donations.  

Loose Leaf for Flavour

We understand tea, so we use loose leaf teas because they’re packed with flavor. Not only this, but using loose leaf tea is better for the planet because it means less packaging and less processing.