The Best Iced Herbal Teas, Steeped with Intention.

Refreshing iced herbal teas burst with fruity flavor. Now it’s easy to make them from home with our herbal iced tea bags. 

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Our Uniquely Blended Herbal Teas, on Ice.

When you crave a cold refreshing drink, our iced herbal teas mean you don’t need to compromise on quality or taste. Our herbal iced teas combine the rich flavors of our quality green or black teas with zesty lemon, tangy raspberry, exotic passion fruit, or juicy peach. Simply steep your favorite flavored tea bag in a pitcher of water, loaded with ice and a garnish to finish. One tea bag will be enough to pack a whole pitcher with sweet and fruity delicious iced tea. 

High-Quality Ingredients

Summery fresh, bold and fruity, complex and bright, whichever one of our flavor combinations tickles your fancy, you can rest assured that we only use the best quality ingredients in our iced herbal teas. They’re kosher friendly, GMO-free, and always organic. 

Blended for Social Good

We blend our iced herbal teas to ensure they make a refreshing blend that’s pleasing to the palette. We still donate 20% of all our teas to one of our charity partners, so you can drink up and know your iced tea has made the world a little brighter. 

Biodegradable Bags

We design our Iced Tea Bags to make an incredible pitcher of delicious iced tea from your own home. But we haven’t compromised on the environment. Our bags are biodegradable and serve an entire pitcher, rather than a cup, to save on packaging.