Delicious Tea Online, with Conscience in Every Cup.

Our philosophy is simple. We create beautifully blended teas steeped with intention. Every time you buy tea from us, we’ll donate 20% to a worthy cause. 

Herbal Iced Teas

Fruity, refreshing, and blended with love. Our herbal iced teas are an easy way to create a delicious blend of iced tea in your own home. 

Loose Leaf Teas

We blend our teas with social good in mind. Pick a tea to buy online, and support a cause that resonates with you. Steep, enjoy and relax. 

Tea Subscription

Love our online teas? Get a monthly subscription delivered right to your door. Simply select your subscription and leave the rest to us. 

About PhilathroTea

We’re passionate about tea, and we know that the most delicious teas are carefully selected loose leaf varieties and blended with purpose. 

For every variety of our delicious loose leaf tea, we pick a worthy cause to partner with so that whether you feel passionately about mental health, animal welfare, child wellbeing, or protecting the planet, our teas provide the perfect way to steep with intention.

We know that the most ethical way to produce and package tea is to keep them loose leaf and package them in recyclable cardboard packaging. All our loose leaf teas are also certified kosher, non-GMO, and USDA organic. 

We want you to feel great with every single sip of our tea, so if you have any questions about how we produce our tea or the causes we partner with, we encourage you to get in touch. 

Why Choose Us?

Small Business

We’re a small friendly team who are all passionate about creating delicious teas while giving back to worthy causes.

Donate with Every Tea

Every time you buy tea online with us, we donate 20% to a good cause. We proudly select small charities that match our values

Loose Leaf

All our teas are loose leaf because they’re better for the planet and taste amazing. The bags for our iced teas are always biodegradable.


Whether it’s our biodegradable bags or our recyclable cardboard packaging, we try to ensure every part of our process is green.

Blended to Perfection

We personally blend each one of our teas to match our causes. We hand select the most satisfying ingredients for the most delicious teas.


Our ingredients are all organic, all GMO-free, and certified kosher, so they’re as good for you as they are for the world around us.